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I'm not new to creative writing, music and humor, but I am new to sharing it. Ever heard of a timid-extrovert? That’s me.

I spent many years teaching high-school in remote and wild Alaska and living through adventures in the bush: from building cabins and living off the grid in the interior, living on and single-handed cruising a sailboat in the southeast, canoeing rivers in the Yukon, building a kayak to navigate the Yukon River, and close calls and avalanches in the mountains. Then there were the much worse dangers of being a teacher.

Now retired, I have decided to dig into my box of tricks and pull out a few poems and songs to share.

But submitting a few poems to magazines, seeing some published, and taking first place in a creative writing contest did nothing to tear down the protective walls I had built around my art and heart. The first song I ever submitted to a radio station was played on the air and it still did not move me to share more. What did it was the soft voice of a friend who said, “I liked that poem, can you repeat it”. It was the smiles and laughter of the few people that heard my recitations and asked for more. It was the few people that asked me when I would do another show, or if I had my guitar, that made me want to do another show or reading.

I thought I was destined to be like Emily Dickinson: passing away without passing on my poetry and prose. I was just storing it all in a box until ‘someday’.

But someday has suddenly arrived, and I am still around to share my work and write new material. I may be a little older than most emerging poets and musicians. Maybe a little longer (and grayer) in the beard too. But with age comes wisdom. Not a whole lot in my case, but still enough. Enough to know that having the opportunity to share a few special moments (or perhaps a tear, a laugh and smile) with old and new friends is as good as it gets.

I am setting out on the road to make new friends and share my lyrical art. With me I bring my stories of love and adventure while always seeking out what lies around the next corner or over the next hill.

I believe in the power of the Muse and always have my ears open for my call. So look for me, and let me hear your voice, on the road anywhere in between Fairbanks, Alaska and Cabo San Lucus Mexico.

October 9, 2019

I'm working on my collected book of poems.  When it's finished and you can order it, I will link it here. 

Odes and lamentations

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P.U.N.K.  - People Understanding New Knowledge

- Tim Hammell