• Tim


October 25… INK

Ya know I been in the north, that sun so weak I have no rose, left in my cheek.

I look in the mirror and see nothing but pink I thinks I better get me some ink.

A tattoo shop is what I need Gonna put some color deep in me.

Maybe some red, maybe some black Once it goes on there’s no turning back.

So I go to see Teddi, and artist with class I have let here ink me before in the past.

She says, “Hello Tim, what will in be We gonna put on that bod so permanently.”

So I thought for a second and scratched my chin What is it I want deep in this skin.

Yes, something that shows my inner fight As I stand on the stage ready for flight.

She said, “Look to the eagle, he always be free.” Over mountains past horizons, that’s just how you be.”

I trust in her wisdom, I trust in her skills So I take off my shirt and let her do what she will.

Three hours later, she said it was done An Eagle in flight, for a man on the run.

Now I’m headed down south that sun so strong Me and the Eagle both where we belong.

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