• Tim


October 24, 2019……Cold…

It’s too darn cold to get me warmed up I got me no coffee in my frozen cup.

You may wonder why, hell I wonder too Don’t have me no answer, I barely have a clue.

The liquid ain’t liquid it’s crystals you see All my water is froze that’s just how it be.

That shit be froze and it’s a problem yo Because I try to pour it out but it just won’t go.

So I head to a shop Starbucks me thinks Yes paying for coffee believes me it stinks.

But they make it all hot and sexxxy and black All my friends know that I like it like that.

I say, “You fill me up, right to the top Don’t never slow down, don’t never stop.”

She asks me my name; I wink and go out on a limb I say, “Honey when you call me, you call me Two-Loaf Tim”.

She gives me her smile, I give her my grin We all got distracted so I threw in some sin.

I paid for one coffee but I walked out with more I think that I best stay away from that store.

Don’t throw me no blame ‘cause I harbor no shame I took some chicks coffee, cup says Jane is her name.

Hell, I stole that coffee that’s the way that I roll And soon I’ll be sipping it, in hot Mexico.

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