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Updated: Nov 3, 2019

A friend told me she was 'sitting on the fence' over a decision...

Here was my reply:


Life ain’t meant to be lived on a fence Stuck in past and the future tense Feet off the ground with no traction, hence It’s a hell of a pain just sitting on that fence.

Many a man’s has hit many a wall If you hit it hard you gonna take a fall So just start running no time to stall Move your feet and risk it all.

And if you fall down you’ll hit the ground Like the tree in the forest you might make a sound Moan and groan and howl like a hound But ya gotta get lost before you get found.

I know what’s meant, I see the sentiment Of a friend whose feet are stuck in cement We’re all just human so please don’t lament Even Superman must sometimes be Clark Kent.

The fence ain’t your future, no fence is your friend There ain’t no troubles any fence can mend The higher you jump, the more you extend The farther you’ll fly... fly in the end.

And here was her reply:

In defence of the fence...

Fences take a lot of flack For standing in the way or holding us back. There's a negative connection Attached to the expression Of sitting on that wooden stack.

But I'd just like to say I think fences are ok. I'd sit on a fence any day, Take a little break from the crazy pace I'm running with all the other rats in the race.

Take a moment to rest my feet, Breath in that mountain air, sweet.

Fences let me know which side I'm on Sitting on a fence ain't wrong, Mindful that i don't sit too long, But long enough so I can rest And choose which side suits me best

Authors: Tim Hammell and Miriam Cook

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