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Lonesome Road Blues

This dang FaceBook thingy keeps saying to me, 'What's on your mind, Tim'. So I'm a gonna tell it about these "Lonesome Road Blues":

I see it all the time on my Facebook feed These happy suggestions about living the dream.

They say you should live in a van, on a beach or a hill And wake every morning full of free will.

Separate and meditate, be your true self Don’t keep your life story a boring book on the shelf.

But here’s what you won’t hear those folks say With such good intentions about living this way.

If you camp in the woods, maybe don’t go to town There’s people down there, upon you they’ll frown.

With your hair all messy and your clothes unkempt From slings and arrows, no you’re not exempt.

With skin so brown and baked by the sun Even an artist might think you're for a bum.

If you go to the bank be sure to dress nice You may have cash a plenty, they’ll only think you have lice.

Once even a nun yeah she put me down Get ready for judgement, dirty looks and frowns.

You want to see smiles no let’s not pretend You may go a month without seeing a friend.

That’s how it goes with sand stuck in your toes You must somehow find the good in those that turn up their nose.

Hitting the road there’s no wrong time to start. Get water and fuel and fill up your heart.

See I started this poem while washing my clothes You enjoy that machine because I use a hose.

And your dishes you wash them, I just wipe mine clear A dirty napkin and bowl but I’ll always share.

Those devices connected will need lots of power You be in a Starbuck’s for hours and hours

You may run out of luck and your truck may get stuck Don’t even dream that most folks will give a good f##k.

And you might meet a woman yeah she so pretty But you just wonder if your breath smells shitty.

That day to day stuff like a good hygene code Flies out the window when you live on the road.

I suppose it really ain’t so bad It’s still the best life I’ve ever had.

You will always make friends along this sweet path When you take time to lay down in the green grath.

But the sand that you love will wind up everywhere In your hair, your mouth, your ears and underwear.

Does anyone know where I can find me a wife Must be a woman who can enjoy this life.

Now’s a good time I think maybe to mention Don’t be counting the days until you get a pension.

I guess money comes, I know money goes Some folks smell stink while I smell the rose.

No it ain’t all smiles, sunshine and roses So avoid those people with high upturned noses.

But I’ll still fly until the well run dry Head my advice, but sure, give it a try.

Us travelers, yes some folks they think us crazy Or worse they have the nerve to label us lazy.

Think what you want, it don’t faze me ‘Cause I got this life and it always amaze me.

And hell whatever it may even warm up Soon I can thaw what’s froze in my cup.

I been four days eating nothin’ but chicken Forget my fingers my whole arm need lickin’.

Life is just life, bite off what you can We all have our limits unless you Superman.

You never stay in one place very long Barely say hello and then you be gone.

How long to linger is the question I suppose Don’t want to get caught in another man’s clothes.

Yes living the dream but who would suspect it When the rest of the world so coldly rejects it.

Hours and hours you may spend all alone Maybe one day you’ll write a good poem.

Sometimes it snow, sometimes it rain But no two days ever be the same.

Today is quite sunny but the wind is just whipping So I tie my life down to keep it from flipping.

These are the truths and the reality The deep dirty facts about being free.

Life is just life so live while you can It’s all part of life when you live in a van.

So now you know how it feels my friend Choose your own poison and drink ‘til the end.

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