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Ode to Soy

Updated: Oct 21, 2019


In the past I’ve dreamt of women

Gently wrapped in silk.

Now I toss and turn throughout the night

Drowning dreams about Soy milk.

I caress the glass with open palm

Gently tickle with finger tips.

I lightly stroke its surface calm

‘Til I feel my heart might rip.

Then I pass the liquid through my lips

But I’m teased with just one sip.

How I let my tongue circle ‘round and ‘round

As I lick up every drip.

But when the heat of passion comes

And I feel that I might burst.

I chug the soy in a single gulp

To satisfy my thirst.

The dreams I’ve had of soy alone

Have saved me from going mad.

But there’s something missing from my life

And it makes me oh so mad.

The ultimate reality would be

If in my life I see.

A bowl that measures to the foot

Three by three by three.

I’d fill it with soy to the very rim

Then gently place within.

A naked beauty sleek and slim

With the hope that she could swim.

Yes, a midnight snack fit for a king

To sooth my hunger and my thirst.

The only question to this dream

Is the desire that I’d soothe first.

Author: Tim Hammell

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