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Without Brushing My Hair

I’ve been out of reach, been sleeping on the beach Enjoying the lessons that life has to teach

But I needed a shower and maybe some soap You know I need a good woman and I won’t give up hope

So I went to a hostel where water runs free And listened to people that weren’t talking to me

They were talking about ‘having’ love and ‘making’ sex I stopped them right there, said “I must interject”

You cannot ‘make’ sex but only ‘make’ love You can ‘have’ lots of sex but I’m not here to judge

The difference in terms ‘to have’ and ‘to make’ Seemed lost in their language, it’s an honest mistake

But maybe they were confused between the two acts So I started to explain the sexual facts

When a woman at the table started smiling at me I smiled right back and continued to proceed

I said, “If this lady and I were bound tight together With feelings so strong we could brave any weather

Making love with that passion would be hot like the sun Our bodies melt together making two into one

The difference you see, between love and sex Is when the hearts are willing the bodies connect”

I figured it was time that I best take my leave I explained it real good, yes, I do believe

Next morning I saw the lady I smiled at last night She was pretty as could be in the early morning light

She looked at me gently with desire in her eyes Did she want my breakfast or a different surprise?

So I whipped out some poetry that circled my brain Written by a man, Hafiz was his name

“If it were you and I all alone in the world Me the only guy and you the only girl

And there’s a knock on my door I know you’d be there So I’d open it fast without brushing my hair

For what’s the use of vanity at this late hour….. ______________________________________”

Dang, I forgot the last line, don’t know what comes next “Is that all there is?” she asked quite perplexed

I said, “If you know the next line our love’s meant to be And we won’t just make sex we’ll have love you and me”

I thought that quick thinking right there on my feet She didn’t seem impressed with the poem incomplete

But surprise surprise there was something I missed It became quite obvious when she parted her lips

“I don’t speak good English. What you say? And you talk so much rhyme, it’s annoying by the way”

And with that short sentence she slowly walked away I whispered quite gently, “Good morning, by the way”

Having love and making sex will come in due time What bothers me more is that damn poem’s last line

If you know it, I beg you, please track me down I’m sleeping on the beach just outside of town

Bring a pen, no a marker, tattoo gun better yet We’ll ink the last line lest we never forget

Yes, deliver that line that I cannot find It speaks of deep love, soul, body & mind

But please be prepared for what might come next I’m sure we’ll have love, passion and respect.

Author: Tim Hammell

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